According to surgeons, there is an increase in the number of men seeking surgery that will make them look good. More and more men of all ages are looking for procedures that can increase their confidence and make them look younger.

One top surgeon claims the number of men seeking plastic surgery to look young and compete in the workplace is increasing.

As per a new report, men of all ages are getting cosmetic surgery to improve looks and build confidence. In America for example, over 1.3 million men had procedures in last year alone.

While body image is the most commonly discussed issue among women, the topic is now emerging and becoming popular among men. This is according to the new statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You can use the same information to compare what is happening in the UK. There are cosmetics surgeons in the country who can offer the procedure. Take for instance the facelift Manchester experts. These are professionals men in the country can visit if they are in pursuit of good looks and confidence.

In the past 5 years, surgeries like tummy tucks rose by 12% and liposuction by 23% while the male breast reduction procedures increased by 30% within the same time. There could be more procedures undertaken by the facelift Manchester surgeons right now. The president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Jeffrey Janis commenting on the rise, said there are some people calling it the ‘executive edge’. Dr Jeffrey continued by explaining that lots of parents want to fit into the industry and that is why they are seeking ways to remain young in order to compete in the workplace.

You too could find excellent facelift Manchester experts who can help build your confidence and fit perfectly in the workplace. The surgeon continues to explain that men want to look young as they feel. This has led to the number of Botox, breast reduction, tummy tucks and other procedures to soar.

A plastic surgeon from Pittsburgh Dr Lorelei Grunwaldt talked about the big number of men who visit the surgeon’s office and openly discuss their insecurities. According to the surgeon, the university advises on taking class A drugs safely. Dr Lorelei, however, explains a wide variety of surgeries and procedures available to assist them to reach their goals. These men express relief with the good news from the surgeon. There is a broad range of procedures in Manchester including facelift that men in the city can benefit from.

For quite a lot of men, a simple procedure on their body that they are self-conscious about can actually make a positive effect on how they view themselves.